When it comes to editing a music highlight video its all about three things for me. Emotions, beauty, and variety. My goal is to make something that will be fun to watch if you don't know the couple, but will have that extra meaning for those that do. I wan't to edit something that is visually dynamic without being too quick for the story to come through. 


A music highlight video is a couples way of sharing their day with those that were there, as well as people who couldn't make it. I want to capture the magic of each day, and condense it to its most heartfelt and beautiful moments. The video is great to capture the emotional tone of the day, by filming the couple themselves in their first look, sharing their vows, first dances, and family and friends joyfully sharing in it all.


It's also an opportunity to show all the beautiful choices made for the wedding. I like to split up the story with shots of food, flowers, and other unique decorative elements. This way a couple gets to revisit the fruits of their labour, after months of planning a day that truly represents them. The mix of emotional moments and beautiful scenery create an awesome memory that people love to share and re-watch.


Here is a look at one of my favorite edits, and how I capture the best moments for you to share with the ones you love.