When was the last time you sat down and read a whole news article? It’s so much easier to go onto CBC’s website and watch any of their video clips rather than having to flip through the pages of a magazine or newspaper to find something you want to specifically read. Here are some reasons why video is taking over as our favourite form of communication:




1.     Take a break, watch a video  

Video is such an easy and stress free way to absorb information. They’re fun, engaging and straight to the point: a great way to relax while you’re on a coffee break.

2.     It’s a great way to learn

Sometimes all it takes to understand things better is watching a video. That can be something as simple as how to cook a better alfredo sauce to better understanding market dropping gas prices.

3.     Videos evokes feeling

Watch a 10 minute video and that may be all that it takes for you to get behind a cause, change the way you think about a subject, or drive up a number of other emotions. Any of those are great reasons to share with other and potentially gain new customers.   

4.    It’s easy to share

People are now more connected than ever. The best way to share what’s going on with family, friends or followers anywhere in the world is by video. There’s nothing that speaks as loudly or to the point as a video. After all, the most effective way to get new people invested is through word of mouth.

5.     Video is available on nearly all platforms

Lots of social media pages such as Instagram and Twitter now have the option to post video; a jump from only being able to post text and images. This allows for a quicker connection to users and pulls interest towards video content and away from text based information.

6.       Keep it snappy

Want to get caught up quickly on your favourite news outlets and TV channels such as the Food Network, Cosmo or People? Snapchat has added the “discovery” option which lets you watch short clips created by your favourite programs. With less people watching cable TV this keeps these outlets current and connected  to their viewers.

7.       Our favourite procrastination tool has caught on

Instagram now lets you post 15 second video’s showing your followers what you’ve been up to. This offers new opportunity to businesses. Having high quality video for these types of platforms increases your brand's credibility and creates a more enjoyable experience for your viewer.

8.     Twitter has added video features

Twitter has made the jump to video this past year too. Now tweets can accompany a short video to garner attention and allow for a fuller understanding of a situation or product.

9.     It’s posted on your Facebook wall

Our Facebook pages are full of videos now. Every time we scroll through our newsfeed we might read a post or two but there’s something just much more attractive about that cat video. An additional feature to this  is videos playing on their own when they’ve been scrolled past, attracting that ideal procrastinator to view something new and enchanting.

10.  Video content is the preferred way of learning

In a recent study on how people would like to receive information video was the second highest chosen form of communication only behind personal contact. Having visual instruction is definitely easier than trying to translate from a written copy and it maintains the viewer's interest that can hardly be done any other way.