The modern age is upon us, with more and more businesses turning to digital advertising to attract a tech-savvy audience. If you're looking to jump on the band wagon, following these simple tips will make your promotional video stand out from the rest.


1. Give your video a purpose 

Before making the video, you should have a clear idea of what you want it to accomplish. Is the focus to promote your services, to get clients to buy the latest line of your product, or are you looking to appeal to their values? Having a clear goal for your video will make the following tips easier to follow.

2. Grab your audience’s attention 

Studies show that the longer a video is, the less likely your potential clients are going to remember. When creating a video concept for your business, consider “short and sweet” to be your main objective. Creating a short, interesting video is more likely to hold your audience’s attention than content that runs too long.

3. Give your business personality

Every business should have a personality, a public image that invokes feelings about your brand. People are much more likely to remember your business if they have feelings or opinions about it. Whether your business is down-to earth and friendly, or professional and elite, video is the easiest way to communicate it. Flex your creative muscle and give your audience something memorable. 

4. Consider a spokesperson 

When shooting a video, consider having someone be your spokesperson, someone with a personality that can easily conveys enthusiasm about your business. They are the champion for your business; this is the face you want people to automatically associate with your brand. 

5. Have high production values

The video that you are producing could be introducing a viewer to your business. Make a video that you are proud of, that looks professional and ultimately adds credibility to your business. Being credible will lead your potential clients to be more trusting of your expertise. This is your calling card. With NDF's competitive prices it's easy and inexpensive to create the content that will keep your audience engaged.

6. Include a call to action 

What do you want your viewers to do after watching your video? Do you want them to contact you to purchase your services? Then include relevant contact information. Do you want them to go buy your latest product? Include a link to your web-store. Do you want them to check out your website? Include a direct link. These are all examples of a call to action.  A video is a jumping off point directing your customers to the place you want them to be.

7. Promote the video 

Having a video is the first step. It gives customers an idea of your businesses purpose but, having a plan to get your video seen is also important. Considering making a social media profile for your business and advertising your video there. Including a direct link to your video on social media networks, like Twitter and Facebook will encourage new customers to watch your video and participate in your business.