Over the summer NDF has broadened from business and marketing content, to include wedding videos services. This was a deliberate movement, not just because there is a demand for such a product, but because it allows a different style of recording and editing that I missed executing.


Weddings have two things business clients don't often provide. Lots of emotion, and unique moments. This is what my main focus is on when filming weddings. I never ask a couple to kiss, or have them pose for me. My ultimate goal is to create real moments that will look genuine not only to family and friends, but to the couple themselves when they look back on them. They see the real them in my videos in a way that they might not in pictures. As we all know, its sometimes hard to be yourself for a photo, you want to look your best and happy but sometimes it feels put on. Most of the time me and my second shooter are not even noticed when we are recording, so you get pressure free, real interactions that show the beautiful connection you share in a way a photo cant relocate.


Filming like this keeps me on my toes. I know there's only one take, one chance at each moment. It's a different kind of satisfaction to know how much these moments mean to the family and friends that see it. 


Take a look at our most recent wedding to see what I mean: