Lets face it, the internet is not patient. In order to reach new audiences its important to have a message that's entertaining and straight to the point. Lately I've been experimenting with exclusively after FX animated videos and believe that they have an enormous amount of promotion potential. These simplistic and visually dynamic videos can capture new audiences and can be slightly, if not far, better at holding their attention than a live video. 

Here is an example of a recent concept I made for a hypothetical event in Ottawa, and read below to find the 3 key benefits to animated promotional videos.

1. Giving your brand a personality

These videos can easily communicate how your brand feels to its customers because there is virtually nothing diluting the message. A white background, brand colours, narration and reinforcing images come together to say exactly what you mean, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Every element can easily be suited to tell your customer exactly what you represent. 

2. Simplicity speaks credibility

These videos look so professional. With a concise and precise form of communication your brand comes out looking like you know your stuff. And credibility breeds trust, leaving your customer base willing to invest their precious clicks on your website.

3. Reinforce your key message

Nothing says what you're saying better than pictures. The flowing moving method that follows the dialogue allows important words to be reinforced and better understood. After all, the key to communication is to tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you just told them.