I was recently inspired to foster a talent for creating cinemagraphs. If you don't know what a cinemagraph is, you can find thousands at reddit.com/r/cinemagraphs

I probably was too ambitious with my first attempt. I went for something very low light, and with a lot of movement, which was fun to work with but got very complicated. I had to use lots of layered masks to create a fluid transitions from the shots with moving cars to shots with no cars. 

Here are a couple of my attempts to make it work. Notice the water really breaking the immersion.

This one felt too intense to me. No breaks from movement.

In this version I add a short break to make it feel less overwhelming. I gave myself a huge headache trying to make this work, and I never managed to make the water feel right.

Here is a video of the timelapse I made these gifs from. I think it turned out okay but I would love to try this same setup later at night so there is less traffic and maybe if I could find a time where the moon is above the bridge. I hope to make a timelapse series of Ottawa over the course of 2015/2016.