I was excited to record some music at west fest last weekend but unfortunately I could only make it for about half an hour on Saturday.

Once I made it as close as I could get to the stage I still had no good shot wit everyone standing. I ended up balancing a monopod on my knee and staring up at my Camera 3 feet above my head for about half an hour with people shoving past me and even at one point grabbing onto my monopod to avoid falling. Needless to say my shots could have been better, but here is one song I managed to record fully.

The audio is not great and keeping a steady shot was not easy. But Even though my legs and neck hurt like hell, the experience was enjoyable, with some people congratulating me on my heroic stance and others asking me about my gear. it's always fun to shoot out in the streets because people almost treat you like a celebrity just because you have a Camera. When they aren't ruining your shots at leased.