I'ts been a while since I posted a blog so I thought I would post a bit about my experience shooting the oicc event last weekend.

I ended up renting a 5d mrk II for the stage while running around with a monopod to shoot lots of interviews. My intention was to make a video that would capture the feel of the event and show some of the people there, along with some appealing images. A couple problems followed me around that day, one being the general loudness of the rooms, an another being the self promoting aspect most interviews came down to. I think I could have tried to being the focus more to the event than the specific products or services people were there to advertise, but in the end that's what they came there to talk about. 

I ended up enlisting some people to give me general overview VO to cut with that will help the story of the event come through, but the video may end up as more of an advertisement than an event video. I think a couple interviews stand out and can be used but many of them will have to be cut. 

I was really happy with the mrk II, I had not used a full frame canon DSLR before and close up shots I got were truly above my expectations. I wish i had more control in the audio department. I'm happy with what I shot and I think it will come together well though, I expect to post it in my "recent work" in the next 2 weeks.