The Lead singer of a local band asked me to film the release of his album concert, so I asked a couple friends to help me out as I was still waiting for my GH4 to arrive in the mail. The videos came out pretty well considering the dark environment. 

I actually ended up crushing the blacks on one of the Cameras because it was a Blackmagic pocket, Which outputs a much lower contrast shot than the canon cameras the other angles were shot on. In the end its all pretty dark, but not as bad as i expected. 

I got pretty lucky with the audio too. I was told that the band had someone to record audio that i could grab it from. As it turns out, they didn't manage to record audio, but one of my camera guys managed to record decent audio in camera, which i was really impressed by, considering that i told them we would not nee audio.

Here is one of the songs, you can find the others on the same Youtube channel.